Techniques to Practice Daily to Make Contact with the Spirit World:

I. Invoking the presence of your higher self and spirit helpers

"I call in my spirit guides, guardian angels, higher self, etc. to join with me and bring me a close connection to God (all that is)."

II. Running Energy, Chakra Clearing, and Grounding

From above, imagine a white ball of light penetrating your entire head, going down your shoulders and back, running throughout the rest of your body and going straight to the ground, anchoring your body to the earth. Bring the white ball of light up through the earth, through your feet and legs until it reaches the root chakra at the base of the spine. Imagine the white light spinning this chakra clockwise until it opens into a bright red ball. Next, bring the white ball of light up to the sacral chakra located just below the navel, and imagine the white light spinning this chakra clockwise until it opens into bright orange ball. Then bring the white ball of light up above the navel to the solar plexus chakra and spin this chakra clockwise until it opens into a bright yellow ball. From this chakra bring the white ball of light to the heart region and spin the heart chakra clockwise until it opens into a bright green ball. Next, bring the white ball of light up to the throat chakra and spin this chakra clockwise until it opens into a bright blue ball. Then bring the white ball of light to the third eye region in the center of the forehead and spin this chakra clockwise until it opens into a bright indigo ball. Finally, bring the white ball of light up to the top of your head and spin the crown chakra clockwise until it opens into a bright violet ball.

III. Throat Breathing in Preparation for Meditation

Take a deep breath in through the nose, filling the chest and lower abdomen. Hold your breath a few seconds and open your mouth slightly. Place your tongue against the roof of your mouth just behind the teeth. Exhale the breath pushing the air against the back of the throat. (This may cause a Darth Vadar like rasping sound). After several breaths, you may start to feel pressure on your forehead at the third eye chakra. This type of breathing helps awaken the third eye.

IV. Use of Crystals To Raise Vibration and Help in Reaching Higher Realms

Placing a small flat labradorite or lapus lazuli crystal over the area of the third eye chakra will assist in awakening the third eye. You can wear a headband to hold the crystal in place during meditation. You may feel vibrating energy from the crystal on the third eye area.

During meditation, hold high vibrational crystals such as clear quartz, rutiliated quartz, or Tibetan quartz crystal in your hands (palms facing up). Or choose crystals that you are intuitively drawn to. You may feel subtle vibrations from the crystals in your hands. Use of crystals will assist in further raising your vibration higher in order to connect with the spirit world.

V. Prayer to Open Channels to Connect to the Spirit World

“Dear Mother and Father God, Angels, and Spirit Guides, I ask your help in opening all of my channels so that I am a clear receiver of divine communication. Please assist me in fully opening my psychic senses of clairvoyance (symbols, visions, and images in my mind), clairaudience (words, sounds, and music in my mind), and clairsentience (sensations and feelings in my body) so that I can accurately see, hear, and feel messages from the spirit world. I ask you to please amplify the energies of light around me, keep my vibration high, and help me clearly tune in and be receptive to these messages.”

VI. Asking For Protection
“Mother and Father God please surround me with the white light of the Holy Spirit. (Imagine a ball of bright white light filling your entire body from head to toe) and the purple light of spirituality (imagine a bright violet/purple ball of light filling your body). I call in the energies of God (all that is) and the Christ consciousness to fill my heart and body. I call in the energies of the Ascended Masters and Archangels (you call them by name if you have personal preferences; Archangel Michael is the best for protection), my guardian angels, and spirit guides. Clear and cleanse any negative energy from my body and soul. Please provide me with a gatekeeper for protection and help in making contact with the spirit world. Only allow me to receive messages that come from the light and that are for the highest good of all.  May the messages that come through be as specific, precise, and detailed as possible. I give any spirit of the light that wants to come through the permission and ability to come through me now. Allow my body to be used as a conduit of light to help others reach their highest good."

VII. Begin Meditation (5-15 minutes)

Create a quiet and relaxing ambience using candles, incense, and meditation music (Hemi-sync Chakra Journey CD works well to induce a trance). Sit upright in a chair or on a mat. Keep your spine straight and stretch out your hands, palms facing up. (Use crystals if they are available). Start throat friction breathing. Continue to focus on your breathing and if your mind begins to wander, simply return your focus of attention to your breath. After several minutes of this type of breathing, you may start to feel a floating sensation and transcendent states of consciousness. You are raising your vibration in preparation to make contact with the spirit world.

VIII. Connecting With Your Spirit Guide

Say out loud, "I would like to now connect with my spirit guide." Then, take a deep breath through your nose, hold for a few seconds, and exhale through your mouth. You are now connected to your guide telepathically. Continue the throat friction breathing as you enter back into a meditative state. Imagine your guide siting in front of you. In your mind, visualize a beam of light connecting your third eye to your guide's third eye, and a beam of light connecting your heart to your guide's heart. Ask your guide to give you a physical sensation or feeling to let you know that you are connected. Also, ask to be shown an image or symbol in your mind to associate with your guide's presence. Tell your guide to speak loudly in your mind. Ask specific questions, such as "What is your name?," "Have we known each other in another lifetime?," "What lessons do I need to learn in this life?," "What is my highest purpose?,"etc. Pay attention to any clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient impressions that you receive in your mind. You may want to write these down in a journal after your spirit guide session is complete. You can use the same method to connect to your higher self, deceased loved ones, and angels.

IX. Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

By practicing these techniques over time and developing a close connection with your spirit guide, you may start to notice physical symptoms as your psychic channels fully open. These may include, pressure on the top of your head (crown), left side, and third eye area, burning and tingling sensations on your crown, seeing wavy lines or shadows with your naked eye, feeling like you are being touched/tickled at times, seeing a violet swirling light during meditation, and ringing in the ears, etc. These symptoms are the result of energy downloads and are not to be feared. They will dissipate overtime. You can ask your guide to lessen the discomfort if it gets to be too unpleasant  A full list of possible symptoms can be found at



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